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Motorhome Rentals

At Lee's Family Trailer we have a wide selection of Winnebago Minnie Winnie Motorhome available to rent for your next vacation. Our selection is growing and we are sure to meet your needs. Check out our Motorhome rentals below. Stop on by or call us today with any questions you may have!

New Motor Home Rental - Winnebago Minnie Winnie

1 - 22R, 3 - 25B, 1 - 26A


- 26 ‘2” Length

- Sleep 6

- Belt 6


-$1000.00 reservation/ damage deposit

-Excess Mileage - $0.40 per mile

-Excess Generator usage - $3.00 per hour

-Pets are WELCOME

-Pet Fee $250.00

-Tank Disposal fee $200.00

-Cleaning $110.00

Base Rate:

-1 Day $275 includes 150 miles

-3 Days $750.00 includes 450 miles

-7 days $1750.00 includes 1050 miles

-10 days $2400.00 includes 1500 miles

-30 days $5600.00 includes 4500 miles

-Minimum Days: 3 days 

Generator Usage:

- 1 Day  5 Hours

-3 Days 12 hours

-7 days 21 hours

-10 days 40hours

-30 days 115 hours


-The Vehicle is not allowed to tow any other vehicle or trailer

-Has to Use Rental Insurance Provide by MBA Insurance

-$27.00 per day (your start date to end date)

-Additional Supplemental Liability Insurance $14.95 per day

-Don’t forget to insurance your Trip Cancellation vs. Cancel for Any Reason

At InsureMyTrip, we know the importance of expecting the unexpected. Lucky for you, and all of our travelers. There are two different benefits that will cover a cancelled trip: trip cancellation and Cancel for Any Reason

- Trip Cancellation extra insurance

-You will find basic trip cancellation coverage in every comprehensive policy. This will extend coverage for the cancellation of a trip for specific unforeseen, covered reasons.

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